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We understand how difficult it is to navigate the job market in New Mexico. We've simplified it by creating a directory of all STEM employers in the state.

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Our Focus Areas: Collaboration and Community Impact

Science Lab

We've helped hundreds of STEM professionals find great careers close to home through personalized resume help, large-scale hiring events, and our extensive online employer directory. Specializing in fields like biology, engineering, aerospace, and more, we're dedicated to keeping New Mexico's talent within the state.


We've empowered New Mexico's businesses with recruitment and retention support through engaging hiring events, job posting distribution, industry-specific training sessions, and personalized consulting services.

Computer Science

We actively seek solutions to address New Mexico's workforce needs. In 2019, we conducted a study aimed to identify the challenges hindering recruitment and retention of New Mexico's STEM graduates. Ultimately, our goal is to bridge the gap between these highly qualified individuals and rewarding career opportunities in New Mexico.

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